Thursday, December 12, 2013

In my own little corner

I had promised my followers a tour of my room if they wanted it. I've been meanig to compile the photos and post this but life has gotten in the way.

Anyways while my plate is incubating, I will show you a tour of my house. These are the main parts of it (except my bathroom , there's only a toilet and a shower there, not even a sink, & kitchen space) All you see here is within one room. I only have 1 window, so the light throughout these photos will be different depending on how far away from the one window they are

This is where I start every morning. By now, the two peas in a pod have been delivered and the star is waiting for its owner to claim it.  My bed is lofted 3 ft off the ground so I can store my dye pot, suitcase, pokemon cards, and a few books & bottled water under it.

Next we'll move to the second place I go with the start of my day. Usually I start my day by doing dishes. I only have this sink so I have to keep it clear of stuff. (Don't ask about the kitchen space, it's disgusting, which is why I never lived with 3 male housemates before) As you can see my dishes drying on a dishcloth, I keep all my kitchen stuff in my room because it's not sanitary outside of my room.

3rd important place is my closet. This is all my clothing for 4 seasons. I am photosensitive so I wear the same long sleeves 365 days a year. NO, I am not a sparkly vampire, I simple get hives in the sun. I have a large thing of white vinegar for washing my shower curtain, cleaning, and a little for dyeing mohair. Most of it gets used in cleaning.

The next place I spend most of my time here, whether sewing or working on hw. You see the ice cream machine on which I have a pad of scrapbooking paper? When you see me during LSes (me not my hands) my laptop is sitting ontop of that little space. There's really not that much room on my desk. One day I will have half a room for sewing. For now this little corner will do. (On my table you see Tovi before he was completed)

Whenever you see me disappear off screen this is where I go. My fabric is stored in the bottom bin with the top bin full of miscellaneous stuff. I keep my wool felt, business cards, and other miscellaneous stuff in this little corner.

For those who are interested in this colorful spectrum, my fabric collection has certainly grown this year. 6 months ago I barely had half these colors, now I've rearranged them so I could always pull out what I want without having to dig through all of them (I still need to take the big green carton) off first though)

So that's most of it. I didn't show you two of my drawers where I store dolls, textbooks, and toiletries or where I keep my vacuum and fan, but this is most of it. At least all the important parts. I hope you enjoyed my little corner of this earth! I certainly feel at home in my own space.