Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Insert clever title about restarting my blog"

Hi again everyone. 

A year ago I closed my blog and cleaned up my posts because I felt like I didn't have much if anything to say. This academic year, I'm wrapping up graduate school and also thinking about the direction my life is heading. 

It's always so easy to want it all, and then by the end of the day, you wonder where the time had gone, and why there aren't enough hours to do everything. Then we start making sacrifices, less sleep, less socializing, less this and that to make time for everything. Personally, I have been feeling less driven and more towards questioning the path I chose to walk in life and the destination. I have become more withdrawn and definitely socializing much less.

Mainly I have been "active" on here For me, there is a lot less pressure to post here than among the beautiful pieces in the bear forums. I have still yet to get my nerve up to be active there (and between us, I have a hard time being active on more than one site). I have made one decision though and that being that I do want to keep doll making a large part of my life despite juggling work, classes, teaching, and cleaning my apartment (yes that needs to be done once in a while, preferable more often)

I want to keep this as a more personable side of my doll making where I'd show things I prefer not to post on deviantart such as my experiments with different media (and fails) and shots of works in progress. I'll have to work out a schedule to take photos because it's that time of year when the daylight gets shorter but with a little work and desire, I hope to show you how I see my work before it's done and what it means to me.

Thanks for reading.

<3 Laine

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  1. Holy things, a blogspot user! I can't wait to see all your experiments and WIPs, Laine. Good luck in finding your balance. <3