Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Change of Digital Scenery

Thank you to all my supporters for all their kind words and comments,

I have chosen to make an active move here because I no longer felt that deviantart was the community for me. It was a great place to start, but not for me to stay. I will still keep my account open and update on a month to month basis, but it will mainly just be a gallery or a marketplace. As with all my other social media sites, I'll use it to link to here. For the most part though, it will just be like an etsy, storeenvy, or any other market place. I'll reply to professional inquires but nothing more. I have also left my email address on my profile page for those who would like to reach me quicker. Please respect that the email is for professional use only. I will not respond to personal correspondences through it.

As for the reasons for leaving: the first reason being it had allowed for too much distance between me and my followers and the second and more significant is that there is a lot of pressure on dA to produce. There is an underlying competitive nature for higher statistics and in order to constantly generate views etc you have to constantly produce, and you have to produce what  you think your followers would like to see. I really wanted to create dolls for creation's sake again.

Like many other social media sites, dA is a flood of images and thumbs, and many people just tab through them, deleting those that might not look appealing on a small scale. It's like thumbing through a magazine. You have a few seconds to catch someone's attention or they just move on. I no longer feel like competing with others for attention or feeling the need to compete. Even if competition isn't a concern, dA always finds a way to bring it out of you. It's a little voice in my head that's driving me towards the thoughts of 'be cheap, produce many, sell many, more more more for cheaper cheaper cheaper.'  None of it is my prerogative.

I would much rather find a more personal relationship for those who know me through a screen. I feel that a blog will allow you to take a peek at my thoughts as well as distinguish those who are tabbing through mountains of images from those who really want that connection with my craft. I definitely hope to share more here, answer sewing questions, do small tutorials, and just get back to the roots of my creation.

Thank you everyone for sticking with me,

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  1. I never thought of DA like that before but you're so right, there's so much pressure to constantly create and you only get a persons attention for a moment before they're distracted by the next thing on DA. There's such a huge amount of connect they can't or won't focus. That makes me question being there myself, because I really struggled for awhile with not enjoying the creating because I was trying to figure out how to appeal to DA's crowd. Interesting read, and also your work is gorgeous. :)