Sunday, April 27, 2014

Little Dreamer Bunny

I was feeling nostalgic for paper dolls and all the little things from childhood. The drive behind a lot of my work is to bring back that feeling of childhood as an adult. I designed her body in mind with the combined inspiration of ball jointed dolls and paper dolls.

While her outfit is removable, future ones will not be removable. I find that making the outfits part of the doll gives me a lot more freedom with detail. I can make things more or less intricate as I see fit.

For me these are perfect for times when I do not have a sewing machine. As I'll be quite a bit of traveling in the next two months, I'll be bringing these onto trains and airplanes to sew. All the supplies fit in a little ziplock bag and it takes so little stuffing that I do not have to mess with many pieces in a confined space.

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