Monday, May 5, 2014

I AM FINISHED! Fossa Commission Reveal

I am so happy I finished this that I want to fist pump into the air and do a victory dance (which looks like I'm just having the fits). To see the process of the head please visit

Once the head was done, I tackled 32 more pieces to make the body. The body had markings down the chest that also had to be visible from the side. The legs needed hocks that were more curved on the hindlegs and not so much on the front. Before starting the project, I was a little daunted by the idea of having to needle sculpt toes, but I quite enjoyed it. I think it was especially helpful since I waited until after I finished shaping the feet to stuff the leg. Working with a partially stuffed leg gave me the flexibility to rework the stuffing into the toes as I was shifting it around to get the five digits.

Before and After Needle Sculpting
Something I do have to figure out is the neck. In order to have the head firmly stuffed so it won't deform, it ends up being quite heavy. I used a larger neck joint this time to give more support, but the head is still not as well supported as I would like. Because the commissioner did specify that she wanted it to be as huggable as possible, I really did not want to put in heavy weight interfacing to give it more structure. It would just feel stiff (like hugging cardboard.) I will one day have to figure out a solution to balance hug-ableness with structure. Until the next time I tackle a large quadruped plush.

(Next commission up is a Canadian Goose)

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