Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Making of "Summer"

I had the thought for Summer a two weeks ago walking home from the doctor. My appointments usually finish around 4.30 pm, and the sun was just starting to go from blue to orange. I had just finished Chester, so I didn't have the intention of making another piece before finishing my commissions. I was still feeling very lost and frustrated with my life and the lack of progress I was making in discovering myself.

When I finally worked for a good day, I started working on her. I hadn't realized it's been 9 months since I last made a rabbit, so I felt it was due time.

I actually want to be able to share Summer herself with you this weekend, I had a bout of ill health that set me back an entire day. It was the kind of bad day where you couldn't even watch tv in bed. I literally had to sleep or at least attempt to, and my head felt like bruised fruit, and my eyes hurt and it was all miserable.

I wanted to share with you all I have done so far and in a more comprehensive manner than when I did Chester's WIPs. She's almost complete, I just need to needle felt her face and tail and finish off her accessories.

Color Palette For Summer
Inspired by the setting sun, I loved the orange and blues, so I wanted something that reminded me of the summer showers that happen so often where I live, where it's warm one moment and stormy the next. Flashes of rain and warmth inspired this piece.

Summer's Dye Job
Summer's mohair was dyed in an array of gradients. It was not done in a very exact manner and was meant to have a more natural and gradual transition from the daytime to night sky.

All pieces sewn together
In her head, I've added a small magnet to hold up her little cloud hair piece.

Stuffed but not yet assembled
Assembled with variable gradients visible
Face prepped for needle felting & with glass eyes

Now for some Spring cleaning and school work before I find some time to finish her up.

Edit: She's complete
Face felted, ears pinned
Finished little lady

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